Boost Your Business with Quality and Effective Content

52% consumers say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions.

57% online marketers have acquired new customers via blogs.

61% customers are more likely to purchase from a site with custom content.

Now that you know that blogs and other custom contents can boost your business significantly, let me boost your business prospects by creating high quality and effective content for you.

Here are some of the services I offer:

Content Management

If you already run a blog, or are in the process of setting up one, you know how difficult it is to stick to a schedule of publishing posts.

This is where I can step in to your rescue. Some of the tasks I will handle for you are:

  • Creating quarterly content calendar
  • Writing posts to be published
  • Liaising with freelancers, editing their word, and publishing content as per calendar
  • Posting updates on social media

Content Creation

Do you need content created for your website? Or blogs? Or Articles? You have come to the right place. I can create these types of content as per your needs:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Website Content
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Resume and LinkedIn profiles
  • Undergraduate and graduate Admission Essay

Some of the niches that I specialize in are IT, Science and Technology, Education, and Lifestyle. You can check out my portfolio here and drop me a mail through the Contact Us link or at outlining your needs. I promise to get in touch with you within 2 business days.


Admit it… get confused between lose and loose, grey and gray, then and than.

I am there to help you with this and much more. These are some of the things I edit for:

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Flow of thoughts
  • Crispness
  • Friendly tone

Drop me a mail through the Contact Us link or at describing your needs and I will get in touch with you within 2 business days.

IT Curriculum Development

If you want K-12 IT curriculum developed for your educational organization, be it schools or colleges, or IT Training for employees, I can assist you in doing so.

I have developed IT courses for industry leaders like NIIT. Some of my services include:

  • Curriculum Outline
  • Course Development
  • WBT Storyboards
  • Teachers’ Learning Program
  • Question Banks

Tell me how I can help you by dropping a mail through the Contact Us link or at and I promise to get in touch with you within 2 business days.